In a dark space between 80s/90s shoegaze and electronic music, we find Isoberlinia. This new duo from Stockholm has created a perfect collection of songs that sounds so good that it would be a crime not to release it.

Their soundscape is built upon atmospheric soothing guitars driven by electronic beats, creating an almost trip hop-feeling, and embedded within is a voice that’s as soft as it is enigmatic.

Isoberlinia’s combination of reverb-drenched guitars and electronic elements reminds us of acts such as Bowery Electric, Sneaker Pimps, Memoryhouse and Slowdive, but they still have a distinct sound of their own that’s completely unique.


”An atmospheric and humble debut from Stockholm.”

“The best song on the album is the opening track Heartcage and the remaining songs follow a red thread that creates a nice overall picture. Everything feels well thought out in the smallest detail ”
– Nöjesguiden Sweden

”technically pristine and emotionally crushing.”
– Destroy/Exist

”dark and pulsing ode to the post-punk scene”
– Mystic Sons

”the reverb soaked organic vibrations make you want to pierce through. Let it wash over you.”
– Come Here Floyd

”Isoberlinia has already with single number one begun to climb rapidly towards the top of the Swedish shoegaze mountain, and if the rest of the self-titled EP holds the same standard, they will not face much resistance.”
– Festivalrykten

”Shoegaze doesn’t get any better than this”

”The debut EP by the Swedish Isoberlinia, entitled just like the project itself, caught my attention o the spot and it absolutely deserves some hype as the level of the eclectic and difficult to label dream pop there is quite high.”
– Łabandzi Śpiew

”Swedish outfit follow in the footsteps of Massive Attack for this brooding trip-hop release”
 Mystic Sons