Out now: Tentakel – Vakuum Parade

New music from Tentakel out today! ”Vakuum Parade” is the second single taken from the upcoming album.

Listen here.

And don’t miss the release party on October 28th in Gothenburg.

The new record Forest Flanger is filled with as much pure energy as it is with soul and space, and captures the live energy in a fair way just as his previous releases, but now containing some symphonic elements and vocals on some of the tracks by the mighty Ebbot Lundberg from The Soundtrack of Our Lives.

Out now: THE CELL – Home V2

Artwork - Home v2 - compressed

The second single from THE CELL’s upcoming EP Neon Soundscapes is out now!

Listen here.

The Cell fuses techno, darkwave and 80s synth music to evoke a pulsating sci-fi dystopian soundtrack that’s equally cinematic as it is danceable.
On the new EP Neon Nightscapes, The Cell is relying on experimental sound design elements to create interesting distinctive melodies and textures.

Out now: Isoberlinia – Otherlife

The third single of Isoberlinia’s debut album is called ”Otherlife” and it’s about walking a tightrope together with someone you love, trying to cross a divide. You lead, trying to make it over, but when you turn around you realize that person isn’t there anymore.

Listen here.

Out now: Tentakel – ”Autohypnos”

Here it is! Tentakel’s first single ”Autohypnos” that blends Tentakel’s drumming and a driving synth bass with chanting herding calls and additional vocals by Ebbot Lundberg of The Soundtrack of Our Lives.

Listen to ”Autohypnos” here!

The upcoming album Forrest Flanger will be out on October 27th.

Pontus Torstensson, the drummer of URAN GBG and The Exorcist GBG, has a reputation of being a human machine/metronome of high-energy, and a hard-hitting drummer. The bands above requires nothing less than that. Add ambient and psychedelia and you’ve got Tentakel.

The one-man band Tentakel has been mesmerizing live audiences for over a decade with yaw dropping exercises of timing and synchronicity. The unique style of Tentakel’s live shows includes arpeggiated synthesizers triggered by the man himself during his ferocious drumming, strobe lights synced to the beat, and in the middle of it all: the sweat drenched wild-eyed drummer himself.

Out now: Sadly Sunday – A Royal Appointment


Sadly Sunday combines postpunk and emo in a way that will captivate any fans of Metz, Fugazi and Broder Daniel and melt their hearts. Their debut album A Royal Appointment will be out on October 13th, and the second single with the same title as the album is out on today – a song about not feeling heard when you are vulnerable and in need of help, resulting in a mixture of anger and sadness.

Listen here.

Out now: Seabiscuit & Childmind – Pilot

Childmind Seabiscuit

It’s out! Here is the song created by Childmind and Seabiscuit! ”Pilot” is a concoction of their common influences: fuzz, distorted drums and nice melodies.

Listen here.

“Creative and cool vocal melodies” – Magic Frog Company
“Cool, catchy and easy to vibe with” – Rock Fueguino

Out now: Isoberlinia – Paraline


Listen here!

The second single of the new album – Paraline – is a story about building an illusion of something with someone. Something richer than it actually is. The song is drawn in the Isoberlinia soundscape of electronic beats and etheral guitars, conveying the core of the duo’s upcoming LP ”Silhouette Bound” that’s coming out on September 22 on vinyl and digitally.
We’ll also have a release party in Stockholm on the day of the album release. More info to come!


Out now: Spaceland – Death in the Streets Tonight

We’re proud to release ”Death in the Streets Tonight” from the Swedish dream pop duo Spaceland – a beautiful melancholic indie gem that makes you want to cry, dance and smile at the same time. The song is about obsession and an idea of love, about indulging in a fixation and the strong feelings it evokes but also about the fear of not existing anymore.

”Death in the Streets Tonight” is recorded by the band on the island of Gotland and features drums recorded with only one microphone, a synth, bass, vocals and tambourine. The idea was to handle the synth like an electric guitar, and to experiment with making a simple drum recording to be able to handle the whole sound of the drum kit. From that simplicity, something greater could be created.

Listen here.

Out now: THE CELL – Stellar

The Cell - Stellar - Cover artwork - webb quality

We’re very pleased to be releasing the new EP from The Cell this fall, and this is the first taste from it: Stellar!

The Cell fuses techno, darkwave and 80s synth music to evoke a pulsating sci-fi dystopian soundtrack that’s equally cinematic as it is danceable.
On the new EP Neon Nightscapes, The Cell is relying on experimental sound design elements to create interesting distinctive melodies and textures.
The first single ”Stellar” paints pictures of dystopian Blade Runner-espue landscapes where the music conjures up a darkness, but at the same time a light can be sensed at the end of the tunnel.

Listen here!

Out now: Sadly Sunday – Skeletals

We’re very happy to welcome Sadly Sunday into the Black Hair Records family, and today we’re releasing their single ”Skeletals” that’s taken from the upcoming debut album ”A Royal Appointment” that we’re releasing this fall.

Listen to ”Skeletals” here.

Sketetals - cover artwork

Out now: Isoberlinia – Leave Your Body (Pink Milk remix)

The first single from Isoberlinia’s upcoming album is called “Leave Your Body” and is a dreamy ballad about dealing with loss. Now the song has been reinterpreted and remixed by the shoegaze duo Pink Milk.

Pink Milk drags the song down to a new level of darkness, drowns it in reverb and transforms it into a sensual ballad where the spirit of Leonard Cohen sings along with backing vocals from Pink Milk.

Listen here!

Out now: Isoberlinia – Leave Your Body


The first single from Isoberlinia’s coming full length album is out now! Listen here.

”an evocative composition that captures a dreamlike and otherworldly essence”
– Darkenin Heart

”mesmerizing melodies and ethereal soundscapes”
– Destroy/Exist

After many years of work, the duo Isoberlinia are finally set to follow up their critically acclaimed debut EP Isoberlinia released 2019. Their first full length album Silhouette Bound is due to be released this fall and is a dreamy and heartfelt collection of songs that would lend itself well to any mysterious television production or film.

Out now: Ruin – Eden

Ruin - Eden - cover art - web 1000px

Ruin’s second single is out now!

”Entirely unconventional and refreshingly innovative, we found Eden exciting and intriguing.”
– The Wild Is Calling

Listen here.

Out now: Ruin – ”Golden Lights”

Anyone who has been to live shows within Stockholm’s alternative music scene recently has probably not missed Ruin and their live performances. Like a sad cry from the underground that finds its way up through the concrete, emotional dark vocals emerge from the speakers and are met by a melancholic synth mat, combined with hypnotic drums and dark bass. Magnificent, powerful and enchanting. Golden Lights is the debut single from Ruin!

”Golden Lights sounds as if Xiu Xiu made the soundtrack to Drive. In other words: absolutely unbelievably good. Do not miss!”

Listen here.

Out now: ”River of Glass” by Pink Milk

Pink Milk is back with a new ballad. Close your eyes and get high.
See the band live at Viva Sounds tomorrow.

Listen to ”River of Glass” here.

”an absolutely winsome dark ballad” – Destroy//Exist

”A fantastic shoegaze track!” – IndieTapes

”River of Glass will remind some of us what it feels like to fall in love” – Mystic Sons

”A soundscape to soak in and stay in” – HYMN

Out now: ”They Learned to Fear the Name Seabiscuit”

EP artwork

We’re very happy to present the new EP from Seabiscuit: ”They Learned to Fear the Name Seabiscuit”.

Listen here.

”Unlike many other instrumental acts, Seabiscuit is not out to appear harsh or melancholy ‘difficult’, but here we have five tracks that breathe hope, sunshine, and flower meadows.”
– Slavestate Magazine (review: 4 out of 5)


”fluid dreams and post rock in a wonderful dance together.”
– American Pancake

Out now: Seabiscuit – Youth Accomplished

Youth Accomplished - single cover

Proud to release the first single from Seabiscuit’s upcoming EP today 🖤

Available on all digital platforms here.

”The band have managed to create something extraordinary” -HYMN

The uncrowned king of melodic instrumental alternative rock is back with an EP titled ”They learned to fear the name Seabiscuit” – a collection of five songs recorded live in Gothenburg, Sweden, during two days by the four members of Seabiscuit, creating a vibrant welded groove and interaction between drums, electric guitar, bass guitar and synth. The music has a heavy focus on strong melodies while keeping the soundscape in constant change, with nods to all the alternative rock bands you listened to during the early 2000s – although examining the songs closely, one might even find some well hidden influences from Jazz music.

To celebrate the release of the EP, there will be a release party on Pustervik in Gothenburg on may 20th when the band will perform the EP in its entirety.

Ultraviolet – out now!


We’re very proud to unleash this monster upon the world! Pink Milk’s second album Ultraviolet is here.

“Ultraviolet is a strong record that enshrouds you with its atmospheric goth-rock charm from the very beginning. Pink Milk are tapping into a niche section of the current music scene, and manage to ride the wave of shoegaze resurgence while keeping a distinct sense of individuality, which is no mean feat by today’s standards.” – THE LINE OF BEST FIT (7/10)

”Their gothic darkness becomes your new guiding light” – GAFFA (4/6)


Pink Milk – Everything Must Die – out now


”Maria’s sensitive voice and the beauty of the soundscape almost makes me break down completely.” – GAFFA

”Pink Milk slows down the tempo, but the music feels just as engaged as the most explosive songs” – HYMN

“Definitely worth checking out for fans of Cocteau Twins, The Jesus and Mary Chain and Slowdive” – Zero Magazine

“The latest single from the upcoming album Ultraviolet has everything you love about them” – 482Mhz

”With an almost funereal character and a very euphonious sound, Everything Must Die, completes an interesting run of singles which pave the way for their anticipated sophomore full length.” – Destroy//Exist

”Elegant and dark dreampop” – Darkenin Heart

”Drenched in reverb, ‘Everything Must Die’ is a striking new release” – Electric Sound of Joy

”A very underground paradise”  – Indie Criollo

”Pink Milk has something really fascinating. The distant songs are original enough and yet elegantly familiar and the production elegantly minimalist.” – Songs of the Day/Päivän Biisit

Pink Milk – Here Comes the Pain – out now

Here Comes the Pain

”A prime act in contemporary dreampop and shoegaze” – Destroy//Exist

”Once again, there is power in the band’s despondent lyrics” – Darkenin Heart

”very intense dream pop” – Indie Criollo

”Another magical track from the duo” – HYMN

Listen here

Influenced by The Cure and The Smiths, Pink Milk combines 90s style heavy upbeat drums and miserable lyrics about losing someone in their fourth single of the year, titled ”Here Comes the Pain”.

Pink Milk – Vill ha dig – out now!

Vill ha dig

”Zero Magazine are impressed. Friends of atmospheric rock, dark wave, shoe gaze and post-punk definitely have to check out this band!” – Zero Magazine

”Beautiful and ghostly, just like Pink Milk at their best” – Popmani

”Pink Milk’s connection to the eighties is strong” – Darkenin Heart

”Pink Milk are bursting with artfulness in 2021” – Destroy//Exist

Listen here!

… or here:



Japanese koto strings meets a Swedish 80s rock ballad inspired by Marie Fredriksson of Roxette, wrapped in a ghostly atmosphere driven by a heavy beat when Pink Milk presents their third single of the year.

Pink Milk – Terminator 2 – out now

Pink Milk - Terminator 2 Theme

Today, we invite you to celebrate the anniversary of a future event – 8 years from now on July 11th 2029, when the resistance will launch an assault on Skynet and take over the mainframe.


Pink Milk have transformed the best soundtrack of all time into an even darker, hypnotic, atmospheric style. Many have seen the band play this song live, and now they’ve recorded it to be heard by everyone.


Let’s make this song reach Arnold and Brad.

PM ♥︎ T2


Listen here.

Pink Milk – Blue Eyes (River of Glass) – out now

Pink Milk - Blue Eyes (River of Glass)

”Dreamy guitar magic capable of waking the dead” – GAFFA

”the dreamlike airiness of Cocteau Twins and Julee Cruise maxed out to the absolute fuzziest” – Destroy//Exist

”like getting lost in a magical forest” –– Savant Musikmagasin

“a shoegaze banger which should echo between the houses from north to south throughout the summer. Simply top class!” – HYMN

”Blue Eyes (River of Glass)” is the first story from the collection of dark tales found on the upcoming album by Pink Milk. The single is an 80’s inspired reverb-filled ballad about not getting the one you want.

Since returning to Sweden from their acclaimed shows at Iceland Airwaves, Reeperbahn Festival and JaJaJa in London in late 2019, just before the pandemic broke loose, the praised dark wave duo Pink Milk have been working hard on finishing their second album that is coming out this fall.

Out now: the debut album from Childmind

Childmind - debut LP - photo on table

It’s out! We proudly present to you: the debut album from Childmind – a psychedelic rock masterpiece that keeps on enchanting us with its twists and turns and beautiful melodies.

We pressed a very limited edition of this one. 100 copies, white vinyl. Available through Bengans records store.

Listen to the whole album:




”Golden psychedelia that is shimmering in ethereal goodness.”
– Clunk Magazine

”An unexpected psychedelic instrumental that will sweep you off your feet.”
– Found

”One second it’s pulsing kosmiche electronica and the next it ramps up into a heady rock mantra worthy of comparison to King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard. It bodes well for his upcoming album”
– Doubtful Sounds

Indeed a name for psych-rock-Sweden to keep its eyes on this fall.”
– Festivalrykten

”Childmind himself has a clear influence of early psychedelic rock, marked by his acoustic guitar following the electric guitar’s fuzz effects”
– Synths of Eden

”Glans convinces right from the start and there is much that speaks for a bright future.”

Childmind – Glow – out now!

This is the last single from Childmind before we unleash the album. ”Glow” is something quite different in comparison to the previously released singles from Childmind.

We’re hearing the psych rock-influences that we’re used to hearing when it comes to Childmind, but we’re also getting some Motown and soul. This is truly one beautiful song, telling a story about one of the biggest experiences in life. Enjoy!



Oh, and on Saturday, we’re having a big release party for Childmind’s debut album. See you at Pustervik, Gothenburg – around 7 pm.

Isoberlinia – ”Isoberlinia” – debut EP out today!

Isoberlinia - Isoberlinia

Today, we’re proudly presenting the self-titled debut EP from Isoberlinia. Enjoy ♥︎

Listen here.

”An atmospheric and humble debut from Stockholm.”

”Everything feels well thought out in the smallest detail”
– EP-review by Nöjesguiden

”the reverb-soaked organic vibrations make you want to pierce through. Let it wash over you.”
– Comeherefloyd

”technically pristine and emotionally crushing.”

”Isoberlinia has already with single number one begun to climb rapidly towards the top of the Swedish shoegaze mountain”
– (about the single ”Heartcage”)


On September 14th, we’re having a release party at Gothenburgs greatest venue Pustervik, celebrating the debut LP from Childmind.
The album is officially released on the 25th of September – 100 limited white 12″ LPs. We will have the LP for sale at the party if you want to get it before it hits the stores.

Live on stage: Childmind
Support: Seabiscuit
Doors open: 7 pm
Live music starts: 8 pm
Cost: free entry

More info over at

Facebook event here.

Seabiscuit’s debut album – out now!


Today, we are immensely proud to present the debut album from Seabiscuit. A magical collection of instrumental lo-fi/pop/rock songs.

”a must listen for post-rock fans of all ages”
– Found

”This is one hell of a find here – a rolling beat, atmospheric guitar riffs aplenty and suspenseful build-ups”
– The Sound Sniffer

”The audio waves pull like an undertow, gripping and clawing, ever so intoxicating.”
– Come Here Floyd

Out today: Isoberlina – Finest Hour

Today, we’re proudly releasing the last single from Isoberlinia before their highly anticipated debut EP comes out (August 29).

Listen to ”Finest Hour” here:



Seabiscuit – Soft – out now!

Today, we’re releasing the last single before the album is out. It’s called ”Soft” and it’s one of the most beautiful and melancholic tracks of the album (release date: August 15th).