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Pink Milk - the debut album Purple – out now

Release date: 20th October 2017 (digital + 12" LP)

Purple is the debut album by Swedish duo Pink Milk

Limited pink vinyl – shipped with pre sale-exclusive pin and holographic sticker

Pre order at Bengans – Shipping worldwide!
Swedish pre-order here.

Recorded in Gotland, uncontaminated by outside influences off the coast of Sweden in the freezing Baltic Sea, Pink Milk’s debut album, Purple, is the culmination of three years hard labour which has already seen rave reviews for their singles from Kerrang, BBC 6Music, Amazing Radio and Virgin Radio. Though occasionally (and rather lazily) described as shoegaze in some quarters, their sound is a lurching cosmic beast firing off solar flares from all angles, attempting to fill every available space with their elephantine, reverb-laden sound.

Purple - album reviews

”This small band has produced one of the most consistently great post-punk albums of the year.” – The Independent

”A dazzling display of alternative rock music”
”Purple is the best album released in many years” – Swedish music magazine GAFFA (6 out of 6 stars)

”‘Purple’ as an album is a heady mix of everything that was right about shoegaze and stoner rock.” – Hear Me Raw

”Pink Milk have created a completely unique and refreshing sound that reminisces long forgotten 80s movies but the band are unlikely to find themselves as easily forgettable any time soon.” – Sonic News

”This is a perfect soundtrack to the autumn darkness" – Musikguiden i P3

”Cocteau Twins, The Cure and Joy Division as modern shoegaze. The duo Pink Milk creates a perfect soundscape with echoes, thundering drums and wailing guitars. The framing is as dark as Ingmar Bergman's "Trilogy of Faith", but in a strange way it produces a hopeful salvation in the bleak and gloomy. – Swedish paper Borås Tidning (4 out of 5 stars)

”The album encapsulates the art-rock format and the avant-garde that is noise music and keeps it original, Purple does not follow a formula, and that’s what makes it appealing on first listen, just like the first listen of Psychocandy – it offers something different yet attractive.” – Songwriting Spotlight

"On the surface, the debut album Purple is dark, gloomy and claustrophobic, but after a couple of listenings, a looming seducing light appears. I have never experienced any kind of Godly presence, but I imagine that the sound of "LA COP" is heard in the back when the image of the savior presents itself at the end of the tunnel.” - HYMN

”Purple is seductively beautiful in all its simplicity. No fuss here – Pink Milk have focused their efforts on creating a compact shoegaze pearl. Had Angelo Badalamenti begun to hang out with depressed Brits, this could have been the result” – Sonic Tundra

It sounds very filmic, like the opening scenes of a gothic western or dark screwball fantasy based around some intangible idea of reckoning. It broods magnificently, achieving atmospheric wonders with guitar and reverb alone.” – Cazz Blase

Previous praise for Pink Milk

”A devilish congregation of swirling shoegaze guitars, beats that shake the foundation of time, howling, windswept drones, and vocals laced with barbed wire” – The Line Of Best Fit

”A fluid, loose, almost drunken drawl that you can imagine playing in the background of one of those misty bar scenes in Twin Peaks” – Wonderland

”Too loud, to the point of no return, burrowed beneath the sheer incessant noise is an almighty, fucked-up pop song” – DIY

”It sounds absolutely incredible!”– Kerrang! Radio

”a remarkable, striking work” - Clash Magazine

”If this wasn’t recorded in an aircraft hangar then we’ll be amazed. It’s suitably huge and dreamy but underneath the dense fog is a quality song.” – Shortlist

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